About  the  book


Through It All is the title of a book written by Kola Olugbodi. He used the it as an instrument of encouragement and hope to those going through life challenges. He used the several woes and troubles he has suffered from his childhood to adulthood to encourage others: living with disability from age 2, cope with stigmatization.

Growing up, Kola resigned from his job in a bank after escaping from a fraud allegation by the whiskers. He decided to become an entrepreneur, but he got his hands burnt and roasted several time. He eventually set up a commodity business which seemed to have been doing well but eventually nose-dived and land Kola in very huge debts and a court case.

Kola lost everything on the long run, including his house and almost his life what it means not to have anything- no work, no home, no money, no food, no friend, no child, no nothing except a loving and an ever hope, ever believing wife!

Things changed and he became the pioneer background screening industry in Nigeria. He got blessed with two lovely children, became a owner of his own house and business. The only thing that never changed was is disability status, but the status stirred up an enviable can-do spirit in Kola.

Through It All is indeed about “going through it all in life and yet winning”​.